Driven to release a shutter button
 Little by little come into the vision are
 the other side of the door of mystery
 The world of graphic art
 how dare thou animated in our such vicinty
 the crux of design was in the natural attire
 Flowers,plants,fish,shells,thou amazing forms
 of creation
 Breath-taking colorful variations!
 With the depth of nature conversed,intellect
 and inspiration harmonized,
 I was in the process of beauty.
 No maneuvering needed,have my heart beaten high
 by thus revealed beauty,just dedicated
 to the rhythm of lives
 Thou shall not mistake. Ecology is the crux
 of design,contaminate nature is the product
 of people's nasty design
 Toward the world of graphic art of infinite
 I wish to continue my surpries


Copyright(C) 2002 ice-images and Miyagi Yasutake
All Rights Reserved.